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Tasty House 1

ABOUT JADEtasty house 1

Tasty House 1 is a local family-owned Vietnamese restaurant. The owners, Ryan and Phuong, built and established the restaurant in early 2021. The restaurant is donned in an array of quaint decorations that keeps your eyes wandering. Each piece was carefully selected and purposely displayed. Drawn from their roots and where they came from, Ryan and Phuong curated a menu that reflects their Vietnamese and Chinese heritage. Ryan also wanted to incorporate New Orleans' cuisine into the restaurant, as it is a place where he grew up and his family still resides.

At Tasty House 1, you'll find homey and familiar dishes from various regions of Vietnam. While the focus is on authentic and genuine Vietnamese food, we also offer seafood options that is influenced by New Orleans' bustling city. Our house special garlic butter sauce is unmatched, because it was created to harmoniously pair with all our seafood options.

As we strive to serve delicious and quality food, we also want to make sure all guests feel welcomed. We want our guests to feel as if we're all family, and retain a reputation that matches our name as one Tasty House. 

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